Command Line Usage

Using ApsimX command line to create, run and edit apsimx files.

Apsim Next Gen can be used to do your normal functions as you would from the full version.

How to run apsim next gen from the command line?

Navigate to where you have apsim next gen installed, on Windows it’s installed by default under:

C:\Program Files\APSIM<Version-number>\bin

replace <version-number> with your current version number.


Models.exe --apply <configFileName.txt>

Note: Above command can only be used when load is the first command in the configFile.



Models.exe <pathToApsimxFile> --apply <configFileName.txt> 

What is a config file?

A config file is simply a text file with a simple command on each line.

What commands can you perform?

  • save
    • save C:\TestSims\wheatTest.apsimx
  • load
    • load C:\TestSims\wheatTest.apsimx
  • run
    • This requires no further text. It will run the apsimx file loaded with a load command.
  • add
    • add [ParentNodeName] childNodeName
    • add [ParentNodeName] exampleApsimFile.apsimx;[nodeName]
      • note: the apsimx file path must be relative to the configFile path.
  • delete
    • delete [ParentNodeName].childNodeName
  • copy
    • copy [NodeName] [AnotherNodesName]
  • duplicate
    • duplicate [NodeName].ChildNodeName.ChildNodeName NewName
  • You can also edit a node’s properties by using the node’s name followed by a period-separated path to the property you would like to change followed by a equals sign and the new value. E.g. [Weather].FileName=Dalby.met
    • paths must be relative to the location of the configFile.
  • you can comment out command lines by using # or /
    • note: must be at the start of the line.

What does an example config file look like?

# Makes a new apsimx file and builds it up to something that will run
# Dalby.met needs to be in C:\TestSims\

load C:\TestSims\minimalSim.apsimx

# Add various nodes to the Simulations node.
add [Simulations] Simulation
add [Simulations] Experiment
add [Simulation] Summary
add [Simulation] Clock
add [Simulation] Weather

# Change data in various nodes.

# Makes a copy of the simulation named Simulation and moves it to the Experiment node named Experiment.
copy [Simulation] [Experiment]

# Duplicate the simulation in the experiment
duplicate [Experiment].Simulation

# Deletes the original Simulation.
delete [Simulations].Simulation

# Saves the Simulation to new file.
save C:\TestSims\newMinimalSim.apsimx

# Runs the simulation.

Changing log verbosity

  • This can be done using the --log switch.
  • This is helpful for reducing database file sizes when running simulations on cloud infrastructure. The best argument type for reducing the file size is error.
  • Acceptable arguments:
    • error
    • warning
    • information
    • diagnostic
    • all


Models.exe example.apsimx --log error

Use in memory database

  • This uses a in memory database rather than database files for running simulations.
  • This can be done using the --in-memory-db switch.
  • A database file is still created however no data will be stored to the database file.


Models.exe example.apsimx --in-memory-db

Models.exe --apply config-file.txt --in-memory-db

Models.exe example.apsimx --apply config-file.txt --in-memory-db