Modify the website

The contents of this website are generated by the hugo rendering engine ( Hugo transforms the markdown files under the directory ApsimX/docs into a website.

To make a change to the website, modify or create new markdown files, commit the changes and create a pull request on github. When the pull request is merged, the website will be automatically updated.

Before creating a pull request however, it might be a good idea to preview the changes you’ve made to the website, to ensure they look the way you intend.

  1. Download hugo from here

  2. Extract and place extracted folder where you normally install your programs for instance: C:\Program Files

  3. (Optional) add the hugo binary to PATH

    You will need to run hugo from a terminal. This is more convenient if the hugo binary is on PATH.

  4. Open a terminal, navigate to ApsimX/docs, and run hugo server:

    cd /path/to/ApsimX/docs
    hugo server
  5. Open a web browser and navigate to https://localhost:1313

  6. Note: To have the new changes made to the live site, simply create a pull request, making sure to include a resolves #1234 comment (you may have to create a new issue in GitHub prior to doing this). This ensures changes are updated by Netlify when the pull request is merged.