5. Putting it all together

The following steps describe the process of creating and submitting a job.

1. Save User Input

User Inputs such as the APSIM directory, number of CPU cores, etc. are saved to ApsimNG.Properties.Settings.Default. The data stored here persists between APSIM sessions, so the next time the user goes to submit a job, most of the input fields will be populated with their choices from this time.

2. Upload Tools

Tools such as 7zip, AzCopy, CMail, the job manager, etc. need to be uploaded to the tools container. This container is shared between all jobs running under your Azure batch/storage licence, and the tools are not deleted from cloud storage after the job finishes. This means that if a previous job has uploaded the tools, yours will not need to. The local tools directory is located at ApsimX\bin\tools. See here for more details.

3. Upload Model

The model comes from the context of the node that the user right-clicked on in order to open the job submission form. Each simulation is serialised into XML and written to an .apsimx file. These files are then zipped and uploaded.

4. Create and Submit an Azure Batch Job

Information on how to do this is provided here