Path Specification

Paths are used throughout APSIM e.g. in REPORT. Paths are structured similarly to directory paths in Windows and Unix, using a ‘.’ character instead of slashes.

Relative paths

Relative paths are not used much in APSIM. They are relative to the model that is using the path e.g.

If the soil model does a get for Water the a child model of that name will be returned.

Absolute paths

Absolute paths have a leading ‘.’ e.g.

.Simulations.Test.Clock - absolute path - refers to the clock model in the ‘Test’ simulation.

Scoped paths:

Scoped paths have a leading model type in square brackets. A model of the specified name, in scope, is located before applying the rest of the path.

[Soil].Water - scoped path - refers to the Water model that is a child of a model that has the name ‘Soil’ that is in scope